Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line book cover

Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line


Written by Jackie Dryden and Bethany Andell. Purpose drives performance and performance drives profits. Uncover your company’s Purpose and align your operations, culture and brand with it to realize lasting, meaningful success.

Build Your Brand on Purpose

If you believe that the Purpose of a company is to provide something of value to the world and make a profit doing it, and if you’re interested in knowing more about how Purposeful companies attract the best employees, build loyal relationships with their customers, and differentiate themselves from their competitors, you are ready for Savage Thinking®. Discover the power of a Purposeful brand.

Kip Tindell
The Container Store

A must read for understanding that when you have an entire organization rallying around and lifting up your organization’s higher purpose, thats when the magic happens.

Raj Sisodia

“Read this book to understand how to reinvent your business and align your Purpose with the deepest imperatives of our times.”

Herb Kelleher
Southwest Airlines

“I love the title, message and description of how to achieve a purpose-driven organization. Everything you espouse, Southwest Airlines has tried to embody.”

Jackie Dryden

With a love for the question "Why," Jackie guides leaders to think more deeply about the reason behind their work and then build a culture around Purpose.

Bethany Andell

Bethany Andell is known for connecting companies with the fresh ideas that make their brands purposeful.

Robin Tooms

Balancing right-brain creativity and left-brain strategic thinking, Robin coaches entrepreneurs and marketers in building Purpose into the plan.

Sara McPherson

Sara walks companies through the process of turning Purposeful words into reality, to help audiences, including employees of all ages, align behaviors with Purpose.