Bethany Andell

President of Savage Brands, Author, visionary and connector
Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line speaker - Bethany Andell

About Bethany Andell

Bethany Andell is known for forging powerful connections – connecting people to people and connecting companies with the fresh ideas that make their brands purposeful. In her recent book, Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line and Build Your Brand on Purpose, Bethany conveys to business leaders the importance of leading with purpose.

Before she began guiding companies down the path of purpose, Bethany started with herself. Like many of her clients, she watched branding becoming increasingly commoditized. She saw this as an opportunity to change the belief structure at the heart of Savage Brands, and as a second-generation leader, she led the company through the challenging and rewarding, process of discovering and aligning with Purpose.

Bethany is an MBA graduate from Rice University’s Jones School of Management, a regular speaker and the author of several articles recently published in the Houston Business Journal. Her work has earned her numerous awards from the industry’s most prestigious competitions and associations.

She serves as Past-President of the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) – Houston, and is on the advisory board of Iberia Bank, the Alumni Board of Rice University’s Jones School of Management, and the Programs Committee for the Jones Partners at Rice University. Bethany is also a member of Vistage, an organization dedicated to leadership development.

A few organizations that have featured Bethany Andell as a speaker include:

  • University of Houston Conrad Hilton College
  • Vistage All City – Houston
  • Women’s Communicators of Austin

Hear Bethany speak about:

  • Leadership and innovation
  • Solving business pain with Purpose
  • Savage Thinking® ideology and methodology