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Great brands are built on Purpose.

There is a better way

Great brands are built from the inside out. They are much bigger than logos and slogans. Everything a company says and does contributes to the building of its brand. Because of this, the actions and attitudes of your people are central to the brand experience. When people and culture all come together around one, meaningful Purpose, they can’t be stopped.

Brand, Purpose, and culture are interdependent. Everyone likes to think they have a great and respected “brand.” However, industry leaders say that people, recruiting, and retention top the list of what keeps them up at night. Most mission and vision statements find their way into employee handbooks or reside on company websites, but rarely generate cultural alignment or guide an organization’s day-to-day behaviors.

Purpose changes everything

When companies are in tune with their Purpose, they are able to streamline their strategies and activities so that they only spend time and money on the things that matter – the things that support their Purpose. Their employees see the bigger picture and they can see the meaning behind their work, which makes for better decision making and less burnout.

But Purpose is not the end

We’re not the only ones talking about Purpose – not by a long shot. But it doesn’t do a lot of good to discover your true reason for existence as a company, and to go no farther than that. As Simon Sinek says, you have to “start with why,” but then you have to go further. Building your brand on Purpose is a rich, ongoing process.


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Savage Thinking helps companies deliver on their Purpose.




1. Ask why

Great companies build value based on why they exist, and not just what they do.

2. Uncover Your Truths

Understand how your company positively affects all stakeholders and the world, beyond the monetary benefit.

3. Connect with Your Purpose

Define the ideal state of your company, building a foundational understanding for moving toward purposeful success.

1. Assess the situation

Before you can move your company to higher ground, you have to know where you stand today.

2. Create a Filter

That allows you to bring your relationships, operations, and actions into alignment with your Purpose.

3. Draw the Roadmap

Build momentum by generating a Roadmap that charts the path to becoming a purposeful brand.

1. Where your truths come to life

Bring your relationships, operations, and actions into alignment with your Purpose.

2. Shape, Share and Live

Sync your stories and experiences so that everything you say and do is in concert with your Purpose.

3. Tell the world

Build authenticity and trust by delivering something of value to the world.